Organization Design Paper

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Organization Design Paper
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Organization Design Paper

The health organizations have been characterized by a rapid advance in forces of development, economic globalization, technology innovation, and changes in the vision so that let us offer our clients the best of the services. As indicated Kotler (2000) that business, industry, large or small services in the current environment requires market their products or services, against which the sales force is a key element in achieving these ends. The SWOT analysis involves the review of external and internal conditions, favorable and unfavorable affect organizations in order to prepare them to understand the future challenges of a competitive environment (David, 1999.) MSO Puerto Rico, Inc. is the company, which we make an analysis of the internal and external factors. The company has been established several years and it was originally a department of the parent company AVETA Inc. that gives administrative support for physician groups. Later, MSO Puerto Rico, Inc. was become as an independent company conglomerate of AVETA Inc. providing services to many providers such as, MMM, PMC, and the entire medical community. This administrative organization supports medical groups and other types of entities in the health care industry, providing a variety of services to assist these entities in the utilization of management, operational management, and supporting the quality of their patient's care. In this SWOT analysis should include certain key factors that comprise the organization itself, markets, competition, financial resources, infrastructure, human resource, research and development as well as economic trends, political, social and technology that affect the competitiveness variables (David, 1999). This organization is been known for…...

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...Differentiation:- It is the process by which organization allocates people and resources to organizational task and establishes the task and authority relationships that allow the organization to achieve its goals. Organizational Roles An organizational role is a set of task-related behavior required of a person by his or her position in an organization. Organizational structure is based on a system of interlocking roles, and the relationship of one role to another is defined by task-related behaviors. Authority:- is the power to hold people accountable for their actions and to make decisions about how to invest and use organizational resources. Subunits: Functions and divisions In organizations, people with similar and related roles are grouped into a sub unit. The main subunits that develop in organizations are functions or departments. A function is a subunit composed of a group of people, working together, who possess similar skills or use the same kind of knowledge, tools, or techniques to perform their jobs. A division is a subunit that consists of a collection of functions or departments that share responsibility for producing a particular good or service. The number of different functions and divisions that an organization possesses is a measure of organizations complexity – its degree of differentiation. As organizations grow in size, they differentiate kinds of functions. Support functions: - facilitate an organizations control of its relations with its......

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