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What once used to be Long Acre Square located in The Hell’s Kitchen of New York an area known for its crime drugs and prostitution is one of America’s most visited tourist spots today.
The name changed from Long Acre Square into Times Square in 1904 when the New York Times building moved to Long Acre Square. Unlike the name of the Square changed the neighborhood didn’t. It would actually be some sort of a bad area where you didn’t want to be seen up till the 80’ies when the Disney store came here. The store came here in order to change the image of The Hell’s kitchen which includes other famous streets like Broadway and 5th avenue.
I’m telling you this because this proves how powerful a brand can be, one Disney Store actually started to change whole New York City.
Another reason for me choosing this topic is because I find it funny how I and I ‘m sure a lot of people hate the commercials on TV we start to go through different channels as they come on in order to skip them. But then we go to Times Square to see the Big Billboards and we‘re just like WOW.
I have been to New York last summer and I have to say that walking on Times Square is some sort of a new experience each time.
It’s also a very important spot for companies to advertise in America because it’s not just the millions of people passing by. Times Square is also daily shown on TV in shows like Good Morning America.
I just loved my stay in New York City and would recommend everyone to go there if they ever get the chance to. I can promise you that the city of yellow cabs and the Statue of Liberty will take your breath away from the very first…...

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