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IST7000 – Data Management Individual Project – Project Entities and Attributes.

Project Name/Title: Online Student Admission System

Identify a few of the entities that may be identified in your data model for the data

management project

A online student admissions system is a essential part of any institution running

because students are what keep a institution alive. The student admission is the one of the

most vital actions inside the institution as one cannot survive without students.

The process begins with a potential students completing an application from

through the universities and colleges admission services. Firstly students have apply

universities through online form.

Online Admission structure is valuable for the admission staff and also students.

Fundamental idea of this system is to meet the beginning fundamentals of admission

staff. Admission staff can screen the data of students from the database of the college.

That data includes, what number of students getting admission to the different projects,

what number of universal students are display in a particular system, and what number of

bosses level understudies we have, and so on. What's more, then again, that data is

included by the understudy itself.

Students to get admitted, at first the confirmation staff will check the base requirement

through this system and timetables and appointment. During the appointment, students

may experience different checks and when conceded into the college, the candidate

details are store in the database.

Entities: Some of the important entities identified in the data model for student online


Entities and Attributes


Application Form


student id

student first name

student last name

student contact number

student Address…...

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