On the Crisis Management of the Modern Enterprise

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On the Crisis Management of the Modern Enterprise

BIAN Tingting1, 2, TAN Zhanglu2 1 School of Management, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China, 100101 2 School of Management, China University of Mining &Technology, Beijing, 100083 teacherbian@126.com

Abstract: Modern enterprises are facing more and more crisis from the external environment. This paper starts from the four major foreign crisis management theories, then analyzes the main problems of the enterprise crisis management in our country, finally it raises the three aspects ideas of the modern crisis management. The three aspects are named crisis prevention, crisis resolving and summer up after crisis. From the three aspects, we should strengthen the crisis management, and control the deterioration of the crisis in time to ease the crisis finally to turn crises into opportunitiesin order to minimize or avoid the loss of the enterprise caused by crisis. Keywords: Modern enterprise, crisis, crisis management

1 Introduction

With the acceleration of economic and social globalization, internal and external business environment becomes more complex and changeable, and are full of uncertainty. This uncertainty has brought the potential for the enterprise crisis. Today's economic and social development is more than ever vulnerable to social conflict, terrorism, technological disasters, and financial crisis. Crisis exists anywhere and anytime. Population expansion, increased mobility, technology development, environmental pollution, information technology and other factors have brought China into a crisis society. The food safety incidents caused by the Sanlu Milk Powder Group, and the incident "Wall Street financial crisis" lit by the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers who filed for bankruptcy protection and other…...

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