On Pale Green Walls

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On Pale Green Walls
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Every action we do often has a deeper meaning. If we hit someone, it is most likely because we are mad at them. If we kiss someone, it is maybe an act of love, or just physical attraction. When children do something, it is noticed very by the world around, because it might say something about the development of their personality and who they will grow up to be. They act on their feelings, emotions and thoughts.

On Pale Green Walls is a short story written by Clare Wigfall in 2007. The short story takes place around christmas time in an unknown city, where a little girl named violet lives with her family. I believe the main themes in this short story to be: love, hate, jealousy, acceptance, fascination and despair. We are through the text following the life of Violet and her first meeting and impression of one specific woman.

“I remember the first time i saw her. […] She stood higher than the rest of us, surrounded be candles”. In this quotation Violets first meeting with the women is described, but also the fact that it is no ordinary woman. The little girl has gotten a fascination of the Virgin Mary. The first glance she laid on her was probably a statue standing in the city to celebrate christmas. She is after this moment upsets with the Virgin Mary, and notices her everywhere she goes.

It is in the following quotation told, that the are pictures of the virgin many places that she’s been before, for example and described in the quote, in the grandmothers house; “You know how it is when you learn a new word and then you begin to hear it all the time? It was like that with her. I started to see her everywhere we went. […] Then i saw her in the bookshop, at my brother’s school and even at me grandmothers house”.

Violet is a little girl who is mute, which means she does not have ability to talk. It is to…...

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