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Strategic Management (MGT680-1503D-01) American InterContinental University Portion of Unit 5 Group Project (draft) The relationship status between the United States and India The United States and India have maintained a business relationship for many years. The American Chamber of Commerce in India has improved commercial ties with the economy. The Chairman of the U.S. India Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) has worked hard to assist in the development of international business between the U.S. and India. Expanding commercial ties will increase international business revenue by 17 percent. ToolsCorp Corporation is a productive company that pursues to achieving its financial goals within the international business sector. It is critical to develop an understanding of the economic sector in India. Demographics, infrastructure and gender can affect the business operation with India, Developing a full blown business for ToolsCorp can allow for a higher success rate within the global marketplace. India has a fast growing economy. There are many perspectives on India and why it is a power move to conduct international business operations within India. India’s values, heritage, and core strengths reflects that of the United States. India has population that increase 5 percent each year (Bosch in India, 2015). India also has one of the largest political systems within the global business world. Technology within India is advancing at a rapid rate. The food processing infrastructures are steadily improving farming operations in India. Regional and Econimic Integration plays an important role on business development within India. The world is rapidly changing from a transatlantic century to a transpacific century that can affect future economic growth (Bosch in India, 2015). Increases economic openness across South Asia, also between India and Pakistan can open more options for the economy of India. Conducting business operation in India must be strategically planned amongst the corporation. India is a rich country that is diverse and complex. India is promising country to conducting business operations in. the culture within the country are factors that must be considered during this phase in business operations. Hierarchy can play a pivotal role on the influences within country. Strict hierarchy define the way of life I the country of India. Meeting etiquette usually starts off with a handshake. This is a way of the culture that the population of India is familiar with. However, India’s themselves use the Namaste. There is a method of where the palms are brought together at chest level with a slight bow of the head (Bosch in India, 2015). Establishing a firm business relation with the business organization in India will improve trustworthiness. It is vital that a proper business relation is created in order to conduct successful business operations. Business meetings should be scheduled in advance. This is a custom and courtesy that is well known in the country of India. Avoid schedule business meeting near holidays. The people of India base their business decisions on intuition, faith and feelings. When negotiating avoid high extreme tactics. When negotiations are complete always maintain the relationship with the country. In India, Bosch is the leading provider of technology and services in the sectors of consumer goods, technology and industrial technology. This would be ToolsCorps competitor once conducting business operation in India. Bosch consists of over 360,500 employees worldwide (Bosch in India, 2015). The Bosch Corporation generated sales of 9 billion euros in 2014 (cite) The Corporation has its business divided into 4 business sectors. Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer goods, and Building Technology (Bosch in India, 2015). The worldwide development business has been very successful in the country of India. The company has offered many job opportunities for the population of India. Bosch Corporation was establish in 1886 in Stuttgart by Robert Bosch. Bosch made it possible for the company to establish long term financial stability. It is very important to understand what strengths and weakness your competitor has. ToolsCorp must be aware of the history that the Bosch Corporation has establish while in India. References Lubinski, Christina. Business History Review. Sep2015, Vol. 89 Issue 3. Retrieved October 30, 2015
Bosch in India. (n.d.) Our Company. Bosch website. Retrieved October 30, 2015 from Heinz, W. & Harold, K. (2010). Management: A Global Perspective. (10th Ed). New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing.…...

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