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Nri Guide 2012

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The essential facts/rules/regulations the NRIs must know

NRI Guide 2012

A Comprehensive Guide for Indians residing outside India

Prakash Nair . 1|Page

(Ver 1.00)

(A Comprehensive Guide for Indians residing outside India)

Prepared by Prakash Nair


NRI Guide 2012


This NRI guide has been compiled with the help of information available in official website of various government departments like Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax Department, Government of Kerala and other reliable sources. I have taken adequate care to provide current and authentic information. This NRI Guide is intended to serve as a ready reference book to guide NRIs on various matters affecting their financial and other related subjects. This does not purport to be a legal document. So I am not sure that, any errors occurred while compiling this reference guide. In case of any variation between what has been stated in this NRI Guide and the relevant Act, Rules, Regulations, Policy Statements, Government Orders/Circulars etc., the latter shall prevail. Kindly note that, rules related to NRIs are subject to change. Errors and omissions are expected. Ver.2 of this NRI Guide will be published soon with more useful information.

Prakash Nair Prakash Date : 12-Jan-2012

Your suggestions, comments, criticism may send to In case I missed some important information or provided wrong information, please let me know


NRI Guide 2012

INDEX Sl No 1 2 3 4 4.a 4.b 4.c 5 6 6.a 6.b 6.c 7 8 9 10 10.1 10.2 11 12 12.1 13 14 15 16 17 17 17.a 17.b 17.c 17.d 17.e 18 19 20 20.1 21 4|Page Contents
A Non Resident Indian (NRI) A…...

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