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HW#3 – Workbook for Notification Problem
An international News Network organization the like of CNN, BBC or Blomberg News has called upon you to design a notification system that is capable of notifying 5000 employees worldwide. The system should be capable of handling not only regular informational notification but emergency events as well.
Employees should be given the option to respond to such notifications and that their whereabouts may be tracked no matter where they are. It is also expected that the system will be robust enough to accommodate the challenges of not getting the messages through under various environmental situations such as nature disasters (earthquake, tropical storm, power disruption, etc.)
As in any news reporting organization, news worthy events can happen in any corner of the world and hence being the first on scene is a competitive advantage that this News organization is hoping that the new notification system will help them maintain that edge. The CEO feels that the make up or organization structure of the news agency will play a major part in the design of the new system. He went on to say that as personnel will be spread across the globe, not all employees are reporters and photographers. The philosophy of the agency is that of being responsive and agile in adapting to the world situation as events unfold on a day to day basis. It is not unusual to see small teams being dispatched to the news scene for both short and long term coverage. Short term may mean a few hours and long term could stretch into weeks and months.
Given the dynamic nature of the job for most employees, and the mobile nature of the workforce, the
CEO sees this system as vital to keeping the employees informed and connected among each other to foster the sense of community. He also envision providing the flexibility of setting individual preferences…...

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