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MGMT 2384 -Macro Organizational Behavior
Dr. Tianyuan Yu

Chapter 11

Which form of power is referred to as the “power of the future”?

A- Reward Power B- Coercive Power C- Expert Power D- Referent Power

Chapter 12

Which is NOT a form of inspirational leadership?

A- Charismatic Leadership B- Autocratic Leadership C- Transformational Leadership D- Authentic Leadership

Chapter 13

Which type of defense mechanism involves directing one’s anger towards someone who is not the source of the conflict?

A- Fixation B- Identification C- Negativism D- Displacement

Chapter 14

What is the difference between Job enlargement and Job rotation?

A- Job enlargement is the working in multiple different firms, while job rotation refers to being exposed to a variety of specialized jobs. B- Job enlargement refers to the increasing number of tasks in a specialized field while job rotation refers to being an expert in a specific task. C- Job enlargement refers to the increasing number of employees working on a similar task. Job rotation refers to multiple employees who preform a similar task aboard. D- Job rotation is exposing an employee to different tasks. Job enlargement refers to the increasing number of specific tasks.

Chapter 16

Repetitive organizational practices are referred to as:

A- Symbols B- Personal Enactment C- Values D- Rituals

Chapter 17

External change agents…

A- Bring technological innovation B- Focus on organizational change and development C- Bring an outsiders objective view to the organizations D- Evaluate organization performance.

Chapter 18

Work- family conflict is usually common among

A- North Americans B- East Asian countries C- All individuals experience work-family conflict D- None of the above…...

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