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Itc- kitchens of India consumer reveiw? The main and the most important reason why people buy kitchens of India is for the brand name it carries with it. It gives people the confidence about the product. In my research I found out that people who are more conscious about their health prefer kitchens of india as it has features like as it has made reduction of sodium, sugar and fat in Product, and it offer trans-fat free products which people like about the also ensure widespread accessibility of its products through appropriate pricing and wide distribution. It also prepare the product in accordance with Indian taste. So people love to eat it. Another main reason is now a day’s people are busier so they don’t have time to cook food they are in hurry so it is a quick process for which people are buying it. Itc also follow a strict code for making product functional claims, people always get what is written on the product so people have trust on this product because they are never these are the main reason and services for which people are purchasing “kitchens of india”
Dealers or retailers
The main service which dealer get it is the brand name it carries. As he doesn’t have to convince people to buy it as the brand sell itself. As itc has a wide spread of distribution channel dealers doesn’t face problem in getting stock whenever they requires it. They don’t have to face any kind of problem related to availability of stock. They get as much they want and also they don’t worry if the stock is left as…...

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