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Apex Fresher’s Party 2015
Fresher’s Party; the most awaited event for the fresher of any institution. This year the team of dedicated students of Apex College from Batch 2013 (representing programs BBA, BBA-BI, BCIS and BBA-TT) continued this innovative and promising tradition of welcoming and socializing with the new comers. With the slogan “Live your moment at Apex” the event “Apex Fresher’s Party 2015” was organized on 17th April, 2015 at Amrapali Banquet, Naxal.
The event got an auspicious start with inauguration by Mr. Tika Upreti (Vice Principle) and Mrs. Durga Rijal (Director, Student Affairs) followed by National Anthem and an opening cultural dance. It was a day-long event groomed with many programs such as Fresher’s pageant, Music & Dance performances, Interactive audience games, Masquerade Mask Party, Band Performance, refreshments concluded with Dance Party. Approximately, 500 guests participated in the event. Our wonderful MCs drive the crowd into roars of laughter.
Mr. and Ms. Fresher was the highlight of the event judged by Ms. Lakpa Tamang (Miss Tamang & Miss.Bubbly Nepal) and Mr. Amir Sekh (Singer, Model, Business man) where the 20 candidates compete with each other throughout the number of rounds where their wit and creativity was put to test. Mr. Diwas Dhital and Ms. Pooja Rijal grabbed the title of Mr. and Ms. Fresher 2015 respectively. Likewise, the titles for Mr. and Ms. Personality 2015 went to Mr. Nithen Shrestha and Ms. Shreeya Rijal. Titles for Most Talented 2015 and Most Popular 2015 went to Ms. Suyesha R. L. Shah and Ms. Miliyana Shrestha respectively. Mr. Prahil Karki won the Best Walk whereas, Mr.Anil Khadka and Ms.Alina Shakya were entitled Mr. and Ms. Photogenic 2015 respectively.
Also, the Title of Men and Lady of the event was handed to Mr. Grish Lamsal and Ms. Shreya Pandey. The auditorium was seen hooting endlessly for the…...

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