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New Town Council

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Strategy Development at New Town Council
Andy Bailey and Julie Verity
The two cases New Town Council and Castle Press, illustrate the process of strategy development within different organisational contexts. Both cases are based on the views of the strategy development process as seen by members of the respective top management teams. The New Town case describes how four members of the top management team view their strategy process. Both cases a reconstructed around two general themes. The process of strategy development and the organisational context in which it takes place.
The two cases illustrate differences in the strategy development process, demonstrating that the process of managing strategy development in one organisation may not be the same as, or necessarily appropriate to, and managing strategy development in another organisation.

I'm not really comfortable with the way we develop strategy here, but I'm not sure I know how to manage the process to make it more coherent either.

New Town Council formed one part of a two-tier system of local government responsible for the provision of services within a geographical area of the UK; the other part was the county council. Both authorities operated under Acts of Parliament, with specific duties laid down by these Acts and with central government controlling many of the activities of local authorities. The county council had responsibility for school education, fire and police services, highways and social care, while the council had responsibility for environmental health, housing, planning, recreational facilities and refuse collection.
Local authorities consist of councillors (Members) and paid employees. The councillors are elected representatives and decide the council's policy and priorities. The paid employees are responsible for…...

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