Networks, Telecommunications, and Wireless Computing Making Business Decisions 1: M-Coupons

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CIS 500 Information Systems for Decision Making
Part 2
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Part 3: Networks, Telecommunications, and Wireless Computing Making Business Decisions 1: M-Coupons

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how technology can help the Broadway Café to strive in this technological society. During the years, technology has made some miraculous technological contributions to society. Currently, the latest technological breakthrough that has been introduced to this country is called mobile couponing. Mobile couponing is a computer generated paperless coupon that is forwarded to individuals through a technological device (What is mobile couponing, n.d.). Many businesses are deciding on using the new method of technology as part of their marketing campaign. When businesses are texting information to their customers this information goes straight to either a loyalty card, or to their cell phone. This is a great benefit to business because it’s helping to cut down on the use of some much paper. Also, those businesses that are sending these coupons to their customers this will help cut down on scanning a lot of coupons that the customer has brought in. Customers are able to get through checkout counter quicker and with ease. Third reason retailers are choosing to send their customers these mobile coupons so that it will make their shopping trip stress free, and customers will never have to worry about forgetting their coupons because it’s already on their customer cards (What is mobile couponing, n.d.). Unlike the regular traditional paper coupon, and the mobile coupons they are not the same. What makes these coupons different from each are: Mobile coupons are less expensive, but yet effective. Text message coupons are less expensive to send compared to the traditional coupons.…...

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