Negotiating a Divorce for the Kids

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Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”!


Negotiating a Divorce for the Kids Keller Graduate School


Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”!


Conflicts are a part of everyday life. These conflicts are solved through negotiation. The most important element of effective negotiation, is preparation, preparation, preparation Divorce negotiations can be very stressful and highly emotional especially when kids are involved. These negotiations can also be complex because they mix both personal and business issues. Divorce negotiations, by definition, means that you should not go in expecting to get everything you ask for. You and your spouse are negotiating, which means there is a middle ground which the two of you are likely to reach if you both put in the effort. The divorce of John and Mary has all the elements of complexity. The couple has been married for 17 years; they have four minor children, two homes, three cars, a boat, and two dogs. They are also co-owners of a Screen printing business. Both John and Mary strongly feel they are best suited to raise the kids. Each feels that their viewpoint is correct and issues are more important than the other.

Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”!


According to Wikipedia, (n .d) “Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties, intended to reach an understanding, resolve point of difference, or gain advantage in outcome of dialogue, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain for individual or collective advantage, to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests of two people/parties involved in negotiation process. Negotiation is a process where each party involved in negotiating tries to gain an advantage for themselves by the end of the process. Negotiation is intended to aim at compromise. Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit…...

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...Does Divorce Have Devastating Impacts on Children? Divorce is a hard pill to swallow no matter what age a child is. Children are like sponges they soak up everything. The immediate impacts that divorce has on children are loneliness, fear and worry, sadness, anger, guilt, and the feeling of being rejected (Riggs & Tweedell 2010). The long term effects are a child’s social development meaning maintaining friendships may become hard especially ones with the opposite sex, which in the end can lead to a lot of unhealthy relationships because children are trying to fill a void that was once there. Not only this but some reports have proven that children who come from divorced homes are more than likely to become divorced themselves (Arreola, J. 2013). Some parents’ really do not realize that divorce can cause children to feel guilt or embarrassed of what they are going through with their family. It affects them emotionally causing them to have behavior issues in and out of school. This can lead to the child dropping out of school or finding comfort in other activities such as drugs or alcohol. An article by Lauren Hansen called 9 Negative Effects Divorce Reportedly Has on Children stated, “In 2009, the law firm Mishcon de Reya polled 2,000 people who had experienced divorce as a child in the preceding 20 years. And the results did not paint a positive picture of their experiences. The subjects reported witnessing aggression (42 percent), were forced to comfort an upset......

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...Divorce and Children According to the study that was done in 2004 "In the United States, between 43% and 50% of first marriages end in divorce"(U.S Census Bureau qtd inLansford 140). One can assume that many children will experience some affects caused by divorce. There is evidence to support that children would be better off if the parents stayed married and there is equal supporting evidence that it would be better off if they divorced. A survey done in 2009 by 1000 teenagers "When asked what the teens wanted their parents to know they said that divorce "hurts," "sucks" and that they "don’t want to be blamed for it" or caught in the middle"(GordonPoll Youth Survey qtd inJolivet 175). There are three main areas that impact children's experience with divorce such as behavioral, psychological, and social issues. Children are effected by divorce in many ways which cause their behavior to not be normal. When children go through a traumatic event, such as losing a parent to divorce, they want to act out because they are hurt, and do not know what to do with their emotions. An article written by Ahron Constance states "…..divorce prevents certain risks, is an emotionally stressful and complex transition for families, and continues to affect children into adulthood" (55). Divorce is a hard thing for children to learn how to cope with. Children of different ages rebel in different ways; they do this because at different age levels they cannot comprehend certain things and are...

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...Nicki Kay  Social Welfare HUS  Final paper 4/13/16  Divorce                                           In today’s modern world, there are many aspects of our everyday lifestyle  that used to be  frowned upon years ago, but have slowly became the norm of today’s culture. One of these  aspects is divorce. ​ “The divorced population has more than quadrupled from 1970 to 1996,  growing from 3 percent to nearly 10 percent of adults in 25 years”(Credo Reference 2006).  Within the United States, divorce has become a common process for many married couples.  Overall, divorce is a concept that is more on the lines of a personal issue that just happens to be  socially accepted in the modern lifestyle. There are many causes for the increase in divorce rates  over the years, specifically around the 1970s and onward. These causes include: stigma, respect,  the no­fault law, cultural and societal expectations, and whether or not divorce is social class  issue or not. In my own opinion, I think divorce has become a significant issue and is harmful to  families, especially with children. Yes, there are times when divorce is understandable and  recommended to better the family, but either way it is so detrimental to the children. This topic is  very significant for children and families. It is important for people to recognize the issue  because it can tear families apart, and it is unbelievably today. Divorce also can cause further  physical and me......

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...The Art of Negotiating 1 The Art of Negotiating Negotiating Pressure Points, Negotiating with Non-Americans Edward Dingle, Jr. Strayer University Business 302 Instructor: Professor Pauline Tonsil 5, March 2011 The Art of Negotiating 2 The Art of Negotiating Negotiating Pressure Points, Negotiating with Non-Americans Power Negotiators know that they can get a much better deal if they know how to apply negotiating pressure points. Time can be either a friend or a foe. Two tactics related to time that you need to understand are time pressure and time investment. The time pressure tactic indicates that if one side is under time pressure to come to an agreement quickly, it gives the other side tremendous negotiating power. The secret to using time pressure as a tactic is to find out the other side’s deadline, but not let them figure out your deadline. This important because most significant concessions in any negotiation will be pushed very close to the deadline. This happens for two reasons. First, people faced with a deadline usually tend to procrastinate. And second, people tend to become a lot more flexible when confronted with time pressure. If you want to see how time can be used as a negotiating tool, just watch some children try getting concessions from their parents. Children know all about time pressure. If they want something, they ask for it just at the last moment. They wait until you're rushing out the door when you’re already......

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...Divorce is stressful for parents and kids alike. Although reactions will depend on a child's age, temperament, and the circumstances surrounding the split, many kids feel sad, frustrated, angry, and anxious — and it's not uncommon for them to act out because of those feelings. Fortunately, parents can help their kids during a divorce. By minimizing the tension the situation creates, being patient as everyone adjusts to the new situation, and responding openly and honestly to your kids' concerns, you can help them through this difficult time. Crucial to a child's ability to get through a divorce is the ability of the divorcing parents to maintain a civil relationship. Conflict between parents — whether they're separated, divorced, or still together — causes major stress for kids that can last well beyond childhood. HOW TO TELL CHILDREN- About Divorce As soon as you're certain of your plans, talk to your child about your decision to live apart. Although there's no easy way to break the news, IT IS BEST WHEN BOTH PARENTS ARE THERE FOR THIS CONVERSATION. And it's important to leave feelings of anger, guilt, or blame out of it. be sure to convey one basic message: What happened is between mom and dad and does not have anything to do with the CHILDREN. Most CHILDREN will feel they are to blame even after parents have said that they are not. So it's vital for parents to keep providing this reassurance. Try to answer their questions as truthfully as possible, in......

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