Negative Effects of Pop Music to Children

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The main objective of this research is to state the effects of pop music (and music videos) to overall well being of children and teens. This paper will focus on the negative side, on two major fields: Behavior (including health) and Interpersonal relations.

I picked 10 current Pinoy music videos of varied genres. I formulated a mini questionnaire and let random children and teens answer it. It took me almost 3 weeks to gather information and make conclusions.

I chose to do a research on the effects of listening and watching pop music/music videos because me, myself is an avid listener and viewer of pop music. It will be much easier for me to do a research if I choose a topic, which is very relatable/close to my heart and to my being. And also, the reading assigned to me in the class, which is an experiment to pop music video viewers and its effects to gender and sexuality of teenagers, influenced me to do this paper. Below is the actual survey questionnaire that I gave to 8-20 year old children and teens, to be followed by an explanation of why I chose those kinds of questions.


1. State your gender: _____M _____F

2. Age range: _____5-12 _____13-25 _____26-30

3. Do you watch music videos? _____Yes _____No

4. How often do you watch music videos? _________Hours

5. Where do you watch music videos? _____TV _____Phone/iPod _____Youtube

6. Do you like to see dance routines within a music video? _____Yes _____No
Why? ________________________________________________________________

7. Do you eat while watching the TV? _____Yes _____No

8. Do you study while watching the TV? _____Yes _____No

9. What genre of music do you prefer to listen to? _____Pop _____Rock _____Classical _____Dance _____Country _____RnB _____Hip-hop

10. Do you prefer…...

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