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National initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practices through legal aspects that are in the form of: legislations, conventions, regulations, charters and codes of practice lay down by professionals in the respective field bodies. These aspects emphasize on the need to observe human rights, promote equality among all people and embrace diversity present among the people. In the organization this is further enforced through set up organizational policies and procedures that guide skilled employees on how to go about their jobs.
To cover this question I choose to take on a few laws and regulations that clearly depict the task at hand. These are: Sex discrimination act1975, human rights act 1998, disability discrimination act 1995, race relation (amendment) act 2000 and the age discrimination act 2006.The sex discrimination act protects men and women against gender based bias or harassment in access to resources, employment, public facilities, goods and services. The national initiative ensures that all citizens are equal and not discriminated against hence are free to access resources ensuring that opportunities are up for grabs for everybody to use. This also ensures that gender is not used as a drawback to give certain job positions within organizations and companies. This is now evident as majority of job holders are from either gender this law also protects against harassment either sexually or getting bullied in the public facilities. This has come a long way in ensuring that there is social respect among the genders with any misunderstandings that is not dealt with amicable open to go to court. This harassments or bulling are taken as serious offenses that can land one a serious imprisonment.
The human rights act is the most fundamental act as it governs how people coexist. The rights give every individual the capacity to act within the…...

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