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There are many various management styles for both organizations. An effective manager should know when the right management style needs to be used in an organization. Understanding how managers collaborate with individuals or groups in an organization in everyday situation can be the main key for assisting managers in becoming more efficient and effective in directing both their activities and working well with others within the organization. Management in health care plays a vital role when it comes to helping with change without patient care disruption. Both St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Veterans Health Administration managers handle various tasks from technology decisions, oversight of staff, and government relations, and patient care. Since the role of management may affect quality of care for patients at all levels, it is therefore important to use management styles. Both organizations utilize an evidence based management style. This style in health care management enables managers to meet on a regular basis to thoroughly discuss what type of interventions work the best for patients. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Veterans Health Administration managers analyze the evidence received from patients. Decisions and a set of policies are then implemented. Health care managers can then improve quality of care for all patients. However, the most effective management style of choice will be participatory style. With this style of management, each employee is giving a task to complete. This management style will make sure an individual is fully aware of the assignment and understands their part of the project. According to Keeffe, M. (2008), It is not enough for an individual manager just to understand his/her management style or the style of others in a leadership team; one must also seek to adapt the skills of style flex that can enable…...

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