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How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Professor: Doug J. Hood
Course: Organizational Behavior
Due: 7/18/11

How personal can ethics get? Business ethics can be very hard to determine in certain situations where you know something is wrong, but by bringing it forward to someone else’s attention you could affect your life in a way that you would never want. In situations similar to this case you’re left to determine whether your ethical behaviors are moral or not.

Ethical dilemmas occur when a decision must be made that involves multiple decisions. (Hellriegel/Slocum 2011ed.) Valerie is faced with many issues that caused her to test her own values and beliefs. Valerie was hired to contribute organizational, financial and marketing skills to the team. Seeing that her job description roles point out financial and organizational skills she should feel obligated to do something about the displeasing information that she discovered. One factor that Valerie faces is change competency, which would mean by gaining this type of information she would need share this information in the pursuit of constant improvement, and new approaches or goals for the restructured company. (Hellriegel/Slocum 2011ed.)
Change competency has a contribution to effective performance for the company and being as though they are overcoming a downsize in the company it would be in the best interest to follow pursuit to constant improvement for Wisson. Another dilemma Valerie is facing is ethical intensity which is the degree of moral importance given to an issue. (Hellriegel/Slocum 2011ed.) Valerie should feel as though this is something for the company to research because this could definitely cause issues in the near future for other associates that may have overcame the first downsize. Valerie may be one of those people chosen to leave and then she is forced to lose her…...

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