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In Arnold Van Vugt’s article, entitled “ Samesex duos: right to live together, yes; right to marry each other, no”, the author expressed his disagreement to Manny Pacquiao’s stand on same sex marriage. He started by specifically mentioning an article written by a group named ““ Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in the Philippines”, which he inferred was published by people who take bible teachings too literally. The reason he opposed the statement made in such article was that he regards the rights of homosexuals the same way he regards that of heterosexuals, one of which is to do marital acts. Contrary to what the bible says and what Manny Pacquiao believes, he me said that he does not think that homosexuality is an objective disorder or a deliberately evil act because, according to him, an inclination to someone of the same sex is natural and unintentional. He concluded by saying that regardless of how good a boxer he is, he should not be in the position of making laws.
a) The writer’s attitude reveals that he is a gay himself. He is defensive and his defenses manifest his own hang ups and lifestyle. Being able to explicitely say what homosexuals do as married man and woman do reveals the attitude of having a homosexual partner engaged in such acts. His values are laxed and he does not have a faith or any spiritual base. He is against the church teachings and he carries with him an attitude that he will not arrive on any good and instead keep on contradicting the church teachings because he is one of the number of homosexuals who just keep on fighting the church. Lastly, he cannot accept that rights of heterosexuals will never be the same for homosexuals. Pacquio’s message therefore comes at him like an insult. He wants this “liberal thinking” but having that, in my opinion, just jails him. His one sided view, tells me that he…...

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