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October 20, 2011
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My Project Car
My first car was a cobalt blue 1968 Chevy Nova SS with metallic flake. I got the car for my sixteenth birthday. When I woke that morning it was sitting in the drive way with a red ribbon wrapped around it. As I was pulling off the big ribbon my dad said excitingly “we have a lot of work to do before you get to drive it”. I asked him with sheer doubt,” What all needs to be done?” He told me that we needed to get a motor and transmission for the car.
We got a 327 cubic inch motor that was out of a 1964 Corvette that my cousin had wrecked the previous year. It needed to be rebuilt so he just gave it to me. After we got the motor home, we started breaking it down piece by piece, to see what needed replaced. We found out it needed new pistons and camshafts. Since those needed to be replaced we bought all new high performance parts for the motor.
It took six weeks for all the parts to show up. We had sent the heads off to be checked to see if they were either cracked or warped and then we started to put the motor back together,. About three days later the machinist had called to let us know that one of the heads was warped. Luckily my cousin had some spare heads. After we got it all put back together we had it DYNO tested. We got the results of the test about fifteen minutes later, it was pushing 650 horsepower at the flywheel, and had 550 foot pounds of torque. It had made all the sweat and blood from our scraped knuckles, worthwhile.
The transmission and driveline came out of a 1969 Chevy Camaro. I had to send the driveline in to have a new yolk put on, and I also bought a B&M star shifter for it. After we put those in it was a complete car once again.
After 5 months of working on the car, it was ready to be started. I started it up and listened to the low rumble…...

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