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My Experinces in the English Languauge

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My experiences in the English language

In the 3th grade I started having English classes. Back then I did not know how English would be such a big part of my life as it is today. I think that especially my generation use English on an everyday basis and as a way of a natural communication. One of the reasons why we speak, read, talk and write so much English is because of the social media. For the common youth of 2015 social media is a fundamental routine and habit of our everyday lives. We use social media to connect with people all over the world, in the English language. I also use my English to read articles, reviews, blogs, and watch YouTube videos. I really enjoy to watch movies as well, and sometimes it is not possible to get Danish subtitles, on some English talking movies.
It is not only on the media I use the English language. I have read a lot of books on English too. Personally I think that in many cases the language in books are better, and more interesting, when it’s written in the author’s own language, and with his or hers own words. Some books don’t even get translated to Danish, and then it’s practical being able to read English. I have read books like the perks of being a wallflower, Shovel ready, IT, Lolita.
Good English skills are also very convenient when you are in foreign countries. Most countries, especially the youth, are very English talking. It gives you much more freedom to travel and being able to talk to the citizens and learn new cultures. I would also really like to study abroad for a year and then I would have to be very good at English.
Up until now, learning English has only been giving me good experiences. I have also experienced things there would not have been possible if I hadn’t been able to talk and…...

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