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The 1972 Summer Olympic were supposed to be a new beginning. Germany had a dream to show the world a new face of optimism at the XX Olympic Games in Munich. After the reign of Hitler, Germany wanted the world to know that the country turned a new leaf. The dream instead turned into a nightmare filled with tragedy and chaos. Eleven Israeli Olympic team members were killed by Arab terrorists.
As the Summer Olympics were occurring, eight Palestinian terrorists passed security with ease. The group of terrorists went to an Olympic Village where the Israeli Olympiads were staying and took them hostage. Eleven Israelites were taken hostage by eight Arab terrorists.
All of this was on live television and the world was in terror. The peaceful Olympics which put the nations at peace, turned into a negotiation between terrorists. “We have learned to be on guard for this kind of thing almost all the time, but not here-not with all the nations gathered in peace, with all the talk about sportsmanship and freedom.” Said Asher Mashia, an Israeli student. A series of bullets and gunfire quickly put an end to that sort of talk. This event created a new organized terror from their attack. After three hundred German policemen surrounded the building, the long wait began. Later, the leader of the group threw out a poster that listed their demands. The demand was the release of two hundred Palestinian guerrillas who were imprisoned in Israel and safe passage to the Arab world. If the demands were not met by noon, the terrorist group would begin executing some of their prisoners/hostages. The government refused the blackmail and noon followed shortly after. There were no gunshots and no deaths. As the hostages waited, German officials began to assemble a strike force that would save them. “It is difficult to be optimistic when your friends have machine guns pointed at them.” Said…...

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