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...Visit for more PROJECT REPORT ON Mutual Fund Industry In India BY MBAHOTSPOT.COM Brought to you by [] Visit for more projects THIIS PROJECT IS MADE BY TEAM OF MBAHOTSPOT.COM, FOR YOUR COSTOM PROJECT YOU CAN MAIL US AT or we will make available for you. For your personalize project report emails us at: or 1 Visit for more For your personalize project report emails us at: or 2 Visit for more INTRODUCTION OF MUTUAL FUNDS Mutual funds have become a very popular way to take some of the risk out of investing in individual stocks by investors. Mutual funds are a collection of stocks selected by mutual fund seller and sold to investors as shares in a fund. There are several types of funds that you can invest in. Some of the more popular types are technology funds, growth funds, security funds, and income funds. Mutual funds are very popular because they allow you to invest in a numbers of stocks therefore greatly reducing the risks associated with putting you money in an individual stock. Mutual funds have become one of the most attractive ways for the average person to invest their money. A mutual fund pools resources from thousands of investors and then diversifies its investment into many different holdings such as stocks, bonds,......

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...Investor’s Risk Perception towards Mutual Funds Services Nidhi Walia (Corresponding author) Lecturer, School of Management & Social Sciences, Thapar University Patiala, India E-mail: Dr. Mrs. Ravi Kiran School of Management & Social Sciences, Thapar University Patiala, India E-mail: Abstract Financial markets are constantly becoming more efficient by providing more promising solutions to the investors. Being a part of financial markets although mutual funds industry is responding very fast by understanding the dynamics of investor’s perception towards rewards, still they are continuously following this race in their endeavor to differentiate their products responding to sudden changes in the economy. Thus, it is high time to understand and analyze investor’s perception and expectations, and unveil some extremely valuable information to support financial decision making of mutual funds. Financial markets are becoming more exhaustive with financial products seeking new innovations and to some extent innovations are also visible in designing mutual funds portfolio but these changes need alignment in accordance with investor’s expectations. Thus, it has become imperative to study mutual funds from a different angle, i.e, to focus on investor’s expectations and uncover the unidentified parameters that account for their dissatisfaction. Present research proposes to identify critical gaps in the existing framework for mutual funds and further......

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...CHAPTER -01 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study In a developing country like Bangladesh, the banking system as a whole has a vital role to play in the progress of economic development. The number of local commercial banks and foreign banks is increasing day by day. This rapid expansion of the financial market has created immense competition among the existing local and foreign banks. The core business of a bank is providing various services (collecting deposits, lending money, foreign exchange services etc.) directly to the customers. All the banks are now very much concern for providing better services to survive in the competitive environment. In this report I will explore how effectively MTBL is providing the Recruitment & Selection Process. In this report, I will identify Employer’s expectations about Mutual Trust Banks’ services and the services they actually receive from the bank. I will also find out whether there is any service gap and will recommend for minimizing the gap to enhance its service quality. I believe this report will be helpful for me to gain practical knowledge “Recruitment & Selection Process”operations as it has a great contribution in the growth of our economy. 1.2 Rational of the Study I am proposing this topic because; the information on employee Recruitment & Selection process of MTBL is accessible for me from the Branch and corporate offices. And as a HR internship student I need to work on such a topic which is directly...

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...and lenders are better off than they would have been without financial institutions and market intermediaries. Thus, these financial institutions, such as banks, have a positive role in financing and investment which is a multidimensional process involving the complexity of many interrelated and interdependent factors of diversified nature. It is difficult to assess the contribution of each factor independently. The key to successful banking lays in the ability of balance many activities simultaneously. The bank must maintain a healthy growth rate, while at the same time it must take action to minimize the risks it faces. The bank must also maintain enough cash on hand to meet obligations. All of these are related to sound performance of a bank. Evaluating Bank Performance, examines the basic risk and return features of commercial banks. The financial performance evaluation demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of bank performance over time. The Trust Bank Ltd. has a responsibility to ensure efficient and effective banking operation in a sound manner. The study will look at the amount of liquidity that TBL has available to meet any reasonable demands that might have to meet, how it manages general banking, Credit department and Foreign exchange Operation, what is the position in terms of profitability and how the bank manages its capital so that it has sufficient funds to remain solvent. 1.2 Origin of the report: Now a day, education is not just limited to books......

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...INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY Background of the study: Mutual fund industry in India attaining maturity Even though the capital market attracts people there are several problems associated with it. While investing directly in to capital market one to be careful to judge the valuation of the stock and understand the complexities involved in the stock price fluctuations. So, a person with moderate knowledge of capital market generally prefers to invest in mutual funds. In recent times mutual fund industry in India is growing rapidly and is undergoing tremendous changes. The Indian mutual fund industry has witnessed several structural and regulatory reforms. Different Investment Avenue are available to investors. Mutual fund also offers good investment opportunities to the investors. Like all investment, they also carry certain risks. The investors should compare the risks and expected yields after adjustment of tax on various instruments while taking investment decisions. The investors may seek advice from experts and consultants including agents and distributors of mutual funds schemes while investment decisions. An objective to make the investors aware of functioning of mutual funds, an attempt has been made to provide information in question-answers format which may help the investors in taking investment decisions. Meaning of mutual fund: Mutual fund is a mechanism for pooling the resources by issuing units to the investors and......

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