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Sharjah Museum | May 18
| Shahab Bazargani, 28733 | [Astrolabe] |

Shahab Bazargani
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Arabic 101
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Sharjah Museum

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a museum in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The museum, established in 2008, cover up Islamic civilization for over 5,000 objects from the Islamic world. Items include carvings, calligraphy, ceramics, glass, coins, manuscripts, metalwork, and scientific devices. This Museum is very able to be seen because of its large size and golden dome. It was originally a traditional souq and it is situated in the historical centre of Sharjah on the Majarrah Waterfront.
One section of the museum which is donated to the Islamic architecture, there was a well done replica of the Hagia Sophia. The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, On 29 May 1453, Mehmet II, conquered Constantinople after a 54 day siege. He directly went to the ancient Byzantine cathedral of Hagia Sophia. When he saw a gentleman slashing the stones of the church and uttering that this was a temple for infidels, Mehmet II ordered the looting to be stopped and the church to be converted into a mosque.
In addition, in another segment of the museum we were shown some scientific instruments. Astrolabe was one of them. In the Islamic world, astrolabes were used to find the times of sunrise and the rising of fixed stars, to help schedule morning prayers (salat). In the 10th century, al-Sufi first described over 1,000 different uses of an astrolabe, in areas as diverse as astronomy, astrology, horoscopes, navigation, surveying, timekeeping, prayer, Salah, Qibla, etc. The earliest surviving dated astrolabe is dated AH 315 (927/8…...

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