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Thermodynamics and Types of Energy
Rhonda Montgomery
American Intercontinental University

The energy act 2005 addresses issues having to do with energy usage covering fossil fuels, nuclear power and the efficiency of energy and includes two major provisions, tax incentives for the advanced energy saving technologies with the second provision being to set standards for the minimum efficiency with a set of smaller efficiency provisions.

The laws of thermodynamics are the study of energy and the ability of energy to be able to do work. Physicists were involved with studying the flow of heat from machines and the chemical changes that accompanied the work, obtaining its maximum efficiency, a machine that has the ability to run off of its own heat. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed with the second law stating that it is impossible to take away heat from a reservoir and positive work with the energy moving away from the source not being able to flow from cold to hot. In order to have a continual flow of heat there must be energy present. In order to have a continual flow of heat there must be energy present. The third law of thermodynamics states that all processes will stop when the temperature reaches an absolute zero and with this the molecules will then not move and as a result the production of energy will be stopped. Scientific law applies to energy conversions and the need for energy efficiency by just as in any transformation the energy is conserved with no new energy created and none disappearing with the ability to transfer from one form to the other residing then in a different state. The pros and cons of various energy types: * Fossil Fuels/Natural Gas/Coal/Oil A pro of fossil fuels…...

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