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Transformationa lLe a de rship a S tudy of
BankingS e c tor in S a udi ‎A ra bia
This is a study of Transformational Leadership and its relationship with job satisfaction & ‎ rganizational commitment o among the employees of banking sector. This study was carried out in Jeddah, ‎ commercial city of Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. The a research concentrated on four commercial banks that ‎ re Al Bilad a Bank, AL Rajhi Bank, Riyad Bank and SABB. 300 questionnaires were circulated to employees of ‎ anks operating in Jeddah. Full-time bank b employees mostly working as trainee officers were our targeted p ‎ opulation. The questionnaire consisted of 38 items, divided into four categories; transformational ‎eadership, overall job satisfaction, l organizational commitment and turnover intentions. Primary resources ‎ ere used for collecting data in order to carry out research w work. Multifactor leadership questionnaire ‎ eveloped by Bruce d &Avolio (2009) was used to measure the respondents’ perception about the transformational ‎eadership.‎ l By: Ayman Ali Al-Motawa
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Transformational Leadership
A Study of Banking Sector in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Adil Zia




Uman resource is an important and indispensable factor for every organization. It is important to run an organization smoothly, effectively and efficiently
(Mosadragh, 2013). Every success of an organization depends directly or indirectly on the hard work, loyalty and involvement of i t s managers and employees. In the era of g l o b a l i z a t i o n where the whole world is a global village, firms are consideredto be competitive on the basis of Competence of their human resources.
According to Rennie (2013) employees are the backbone for every organization and success of the…...

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