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1. First of all, as the cultural diversity existed around our world, marketers must paying the full attention to those culture differences during the performance of their commercial advertisements. Take the alcohol market as an example, in China, the drinking of alcohol got its own culture background which can be traced back 2300 years ago, their ancestors dirking the alcohol as a way of pray to the Sky,(Sky can be the dominant god in Chinese traditional) the emperor of every dynasty should using a particular alcohol which is called "white spirit" to show the piety to the Sky. Therefore, the term of alcohol can stand as a sense of " imperial power" or " divine" in Chinese culture, thus, some local spirit brand like "Maotai" in China highlight those sense into their commercials and doing very successful for their sales. Moreover, as the adaptation for the local consumers, marketer should make sure about the advertising effect fit customers' need. Like in Asia, most alcohol drinkers prefer the light drinks compared with some countries in Eastern Europe which preferred strong drinks. To wrap up, it is vital to localizing the advertising when entering the new market, especially for those global big names like Diageo and Pernod Ricard, otherwise, they will lose the potential markets seriously.

2.For this question, I think it can also related with the culture difference. For instance, in Japan, most of people drink sake or saki instead of vodka or whisky as there was some traditional stories within the sake. Thus, even the vodka or whisky is wrapped with the aura of the global big names, the demand of whisky and vodka will be very low in Japan when compared to some nations in Europe.

3.The most significant reason from my point of view, it is due to the successful marketing strategy. As for Chivas and Pernod Ricard doing outstanding job in market of China, the…...

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