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From: Ahmed Zuheir Al Riyami To: Dr. Joel Subject: Operation Management Date: 25/11/2015


The Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant “Restaurant” is a 58-seats restaurant. The restaurant offers a broad range of Mexican traditional food. The restaurant location is in New England. The interior decoration of the restaurant is of the Mexican style. The restaurant atmosphere allows the customers to enjoy and experience the real taste of Mexican food while listening to Mexican music played in the background. It offers a set twenty-three main dishes. The number of seats in the waiting area is limited and that because space inside it is limited and there is no dedicated waiting area to accommodate the visitors. Furthermore, the restaurant doesn’t have an advance booking system. Further to the above, the time required to serve the meal from the time the order is placed is twelve minutes, and most of it consumed for final cooking. According to the customer survey feedback as provided in the case study, during the rush hours on Friday and Saturday’s nights, indicates that customers were overall pleased with the general dining experience. However, sixteen customers said that the food and service that the restaurant offers does not worth the money paid for while other sixty-seven customers said that food worth the cost. Even when considering the rates of the aspects of the survey it appeared that the majority of the customers are well satisfied with overall dining experience apart from the delivery time of the food; especially during the rush time.

QUALITY DEFINITION Customers define quality in different ways, where some will describe it as an overall satisfaction with a provided product or service. Internal or external customers are happy when their expectations on the product or service are met or…...

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