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Implementation of Interactive Motion
Representation (IMR) within the Data
Aranov V1,2, Van Sint Jan S1,*, Sholukha V2, Rooze M1,
Viceconti M3

Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine,
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Department of Applied Mathematics, State
Polytechnical University of Saint Petersburg,
Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica, Istituti
Ortopedici Rizzoli, Italy
Communicating and contact author:
Standardization of motion representation is a key element for result comparison and data exchange during motion analysis studies. The discrepancies of the results currently found in the literature can be explained by a lack of standards related to at least 3 topics: 1- motion representation; 2- selection of anatomical landmarks
(ALs); 3- software resources. This literature discrepancy should be greatly reduced if a consensus on the three above points could be reached.
Topic 1 is tackled by the International Society of
Biomechanics (ISB) that published Standards to define body segment orientations and clinically meaningful motion representation (Wu, 1995; Wu, 2002; Wu, In
Press). Efforts related to Topic 2 are currently undergoing to allow strict AL selection necessary to build anatomical reference frames in a repeatable way
(Van Sint Jan, In Press).
Topic 3 is the goal of this paper. The presented research aimed to propose a software interface that would allow a user to: -interactively import motion data; -to register the motion to 3D bone models (if necessary); -to select
ALs; -and to create motion representation graphs according to standards. Similar commercial tools are available, but they are unfortunately often costly and limited to a few motion representations.
Materials and methods
The Interactive Motion Representation (IMR) tools developed during…...

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