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Staff surveys are usually very helpful in establishing whether staff in your company are motivated and therefore performing to best effect. Aside from the information that questionnaires reveal, the process of involving and consulting with staff is hugely beneficial and motivational in its own right, (see the 'Hawthorne Effect'). Whilst your survey will be unique to your company, your staff issues, your industry and culture, some useful generic guidelines apply to most situations. Although not exhaustive, the following ten points may help you cover the relevant subject areas and help towards establishing facts rather than making assumptions about motivation when designing your own questionnaires on employee motivation.

ten tips for questionnaires on employee motivation

1. What is the 'primary aim' of your company?

Your employees may be more motivated if they understand the primary aim of your business. Ask questions to establish how clear they are about your company's principles, priorities and mission.

2. What obstacles stop employees performing to best effect?

Questionnaires on employee motivation should include questions about what employees are tolerating in their work and home lives. The company can eliminate practices that zap motivation.

3. What really motivates your staff?

It is often assumed that all people are motivated by the same things. Actually we are motivated by a whole range of factors. Include questions to elicit what really motivates employees, including learning about their values. Are they motivated by financial rewards, status, praise and acknowledgment, competition, job security, public recognition, fear, perfectionism, results...

4. Do employees feel empowered?

Do your employees feel they have job descriptions that give them some autonomy and allow them to find their own solutions or are they given a list of…...

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...establish an environment of trust. Some ways I can do this is by not showing favoritism towards employees, become more open about all of my concerns pertaining to their work ethic. Also other ways to develop better communications skills would be to take things into consideration when dealing with employees like honoring and respect their time and contributions , making them feel valuable and by showing praise and positive reinforcement when they do something good. Motivation Finding ways of motivating employees so that they can do their best can help maximize efforts and productivity. The 4R’s of Motivation Responsibilities, Relationships, Rewards, and Reasons explains in detail how these are motivators. “People are motivated when the responsibilities are meaningful and engage their abilities and values.” “People are motivated by good relationships with bosses collaborators and customers.” “Appreciation & recognition are the kinds of rewards that strengthen motivating relationships.” “Give your team reasons to work harder and smarter.” These concepts alone will help me to be able to lead any team in the right direction. Conflict Lastly I think its very important for me to be able to effectively manage conflict. Realizing that conflict can be constructive or destructive is the first steps. Before this class I always thought that avoiding conflict was the answer and that conflict is what break teams and groups apart. According to Patrick Lencioni that is......

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...For example that is how Gmail and Google Suggest were born ( Cleverism, 2014).Fred Smith, CEO- FedEx, Sundar Pichai, CEO- Google and many volunteer organizations understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that we must consider the Biological and Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem Needs, and Self –Actualization needs in order to get the most of employees (Starling, 2010). Making them feel like they matter and that they are needed is worth more than money. Money eventually is the output, but the investment we make in our people prove priceless. References Alsop, J. Ronald (2013) The 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation. Simon and Schuster Martin (2014) People Management: The Google Way of Motivating Employees: Starling, G. (2011). Managing the Public Sector. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Pink, H. Daniel (2011) DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Penguin Publishing Group Pink, D. (2010) RSA ANIMATE: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. Retrieved January 25, 2016, from

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