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The Most Embarrassing Experience In My Life
My life has been shaken up by a countless embarrassing circumstances. Some of these experiences are unrestricted, but mostly are just fairly confidential. But there’s this one melodramatic incident that I would really love to share to all of you.
The incident happened way back when I was in high school. I was in third year back then. And I had a crush on my schoolmate. It all started when I opened my facebook account and took a glimpse on my friend requests. There, I saw his name on the list and I clicked accept without a doubt, without a pause, in a heartbeat. Few days later, I received a message from him. I sent him a reply and we were exchanging messages after then. That’s how I learned that the feeling was mutual. He told me that he likes me but I just pretended that I don’t care. However, that was only for awhile. Eventually he found out that I also had a crush on him because my classmates won’t just quit teasing me around.
Well, that was just the introduction. The real scenario took place when it was Valentine’s Day. And on that special day, all I ever wished for was to receive even a single rose from someone, most especially, from my crush. We had a program in our school but I just stayed inside our classroom. My sister, who was a freshman by that time, dropped by into our classroom. She was holding a rose in her hand and she handed it to me saying that it was from my crush. And of course, I didn’t believe her. I looked at her and I could see traces of lies in her face, so I told her to stop joking around and threw the rose away. After some time, I went to the canteen and met my sister’s best friend there, surprisingly, she asked me about the rose and how I feel to be given a rose from my crush. I was taken aback by what she said and then, she assured me that I it was entirely true and she was there when my crush asked my sister to give it to me. Hearing this, I was convinced that my sister didn’t make it all up, so I tried to look for the rose anywhere but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anymore. I was slightly disappointed of myself for throwing it away but a huge part of me was very happy that my crush gave me a rose. It was a wish came true
On the following day, my crush and I bumped onto each other in the corridor, so I instantly grabbed the chance to say thank you for the rose and how I appreciated it. However, his respond wasn’t the same as what I expected. It’s like there’s a huge question mark across his face and it seems like he doesn’t have any idea of what I’m talking about. In fact, his words are still fresh in my mind as though it just happened yesterday. He said, “Rose? What rose?” He asked puzzled. And then everything flashed back in front of my very eyes and I realized that it was indeed just a prank of my sister collaborated with her best friend. And I was so stupid to fall for it. I didn’t know what to do or what to say so and I was nearly in tears of embarrassment so, I just turned my back on him and walked away. I couldn’t think of anything else except kill my sister. It was really embarrassing. And that was our last conversation. I never talk to him again.…...

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