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Monitoring central stations in Canada are the watchful eye on properties and Personal Safety. They dispatch the premises if there is any burglar alarm and contact the people on the calling list.
Police response to "burglar" alarms dates back decades in many major communities, to the days when such alarms rang directly into the local station or precinct. Today the monitored alarm industry in North America is a huge multi-million dollar sector employing thousands of people across the continent. The growth of alarmed locations across the country spurred on by elevated "crime fear" indexes, and by the perception of elevated property crime levels. The growth in this industry has had a direct impact upon the demand for police services in our communities.
The monitored alarm industry is a private sector anomaly. The alarm customer is afforded the right, in most communities, to free access to police services. However, they chose to employ a third party, the alarm monitoring company, to monitor their electronic alarm, and then to activate the services of the police, when required. It is an unfortunate historic fact that this activation is almost always improper, with 95% of the alarms responded to being false. For providing this service, the alarm company obtains a fee, and notifies the public policing agency who then attends the site of the alarm.
ADT for example encourages retailers and businesses to participate in Code Adam, one of the largest child-safety programs in North America. When a missing child is reported, a "Code Adam" alert is announced over the public-address system. A brief description of the child is disseminated and employees immediately search for the child and monitor all exits. If the child is not found within 10 minutes or if the child is seen accompanied by someone other than a parent or guardian, store personnel contact local law enforcement and request immediate assistance.…...

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