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Monitoring and Evaluation with Stabilisation

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Monitoring and Evaluation within Stabilisation Environments
Registration Numbers: Mariya Ilieva Spyridon Bonikos Nikolaos Manolitsis Smaro Kelesidou Ed Ostler Viswanathan Subramaniam Julian Schwarzkopf Ciro Fisicaro Alozie Glory Uche 201489866 201490054 201453124 201455352 201488881 201476168 201463502 201459312 201474863

Abbreviations: ICRG - International Country Risk Guide MPICE - Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments CA - Contribution Analysis CSME - Conflict Sensitivity Monitoring and Evaluation

Executive Summary There are many different monitoring and evaluation techniques used by the industry that could be adapted to post conflict zones. They all have different strength and weaknesses that need to be weigh up carefully to fit the technique to the situation. The techniques investigated are: · International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) uses different variables to measure a country’s creditworthiness and estimate its ability and willingness to comply with its financial obligations. · Contribution Analysis (CA) is a logic model that evaluates the degree of contribution that the intervention is making to the observed measures. · Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments (MPICE) measures the effectiveness of diplomatic, military, and development efforts · Conflict Sensitivity Monitoring and Evaluation provides a detailed understanding of the conflicts context. Some of these techniques are more theoretical than others and can be applied in different speed and with different understanding of the conflict zone.

1. Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques .............................................................................................. 1 1.1 International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) ....................................................................................... 1 1.2 Contribution Analysis (CA)…...

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