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Student ID Number: | 15015810/14000793 | Class Batch: | B07 | Student Name: | Tiansun Li/Alejandro Herrera | Unit code & Title | BSBADM504B Olan or review administrative systems | Course: | BSB50207 Diploma of Business | Due Date: | 27/22/2015 | Module: | BS07 Business Administration Systems | Trainer’s name: | Abdullah | Assessment Task Title: | Role-play | Assessment Part No: | Assessment part 2 |

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Student’s Signature: __________Tiansun Li_______________________ Date ________27/11/2015_______________

ASSESSMENT TRACKING: - Refer to the Marking Guide for assessor’s comments. □ DraftDue Date:_______________________Comments: | □ SubmissionDue Date:______________________Date submitted:__________________Final Mark:________________Result: □ Competent □ NYC* | □ Re-submission Due Date:______________________Date submitted:__________________Final Mark:________________Result: □ Competent (ungraded)□ NYC* | | | |
* Please indicate a reason for Not Yet Competent (NYC): (please select) □ NYC – after Academic Penalty □ NYC – after resubmission □ NYC – not submitted in

Instructions/criteria for the person taking Penny’s character:
Discuss with Dave how he should monitor the administration system for usage by staff. In this discussion, you will need to decide upon a best strategy for monitoring system usage by staff.
I provides 3 monitoring methods for penny to choose: To do the spot check, randomly pick any process of whole monitoring system to test if the system is meeting the requirement. Get feedbacks from both internal and external clients.
Hire a third party to do the observation of our system, and give me the report.
Penny think the last option is most suitable for us.

Discuss with Dave your mutual strategy for how he should check the security capabilities and output of the new system (before it is finally selected from the various options).
We should assurance that information can only be accessed or modified by those authorised to do so. We also need make sure we have a backup system, preventing any loses from computer failures. Firewall is also an importance part of security and we have to assurance that firewall is working well for protect information from virus and attacking.
Ask Dave to explain what he thinks may be five (5) changing needs of People First that will influence the new administration system that may be chosen. Ask clarifying questions if you do not fully comprehend Dave’s response.
I think 5 changing needs of our company that will influence the new administration system that may be chosen will be: * New service or products * Changes in user requirement * Problem with the existing system growth or decline in system size * Technological advanced in administration systems * Change to legislation * Changes in industry practices

Instructions/criteria for the person taking Dave’s character:
Ask Penny to explain the strategy for how to train both existing and new staff on the administration system
Dave you and I need to be the leaders in the whole process. First of all we need to know how everything works in the company. So we are going to train someone else and they are going to be the mentors. So continuing with the order these mentors are going to train the rest of the staff and for any reason they are having problems we are going to support them. In other words, we are the leaders of this whole process.
Discuss with Penny an overall strategy for monitoring the administration system
As we discuss this before, we are going to hire a third party to monitor the administration system. They are the ones who can give an impartial opinion. This will take place taking into account how expensive it’s going to be for our company.

Ask Penny to explain what she would develop to direct appropriate activities to support the implementation of the new system.
All of the staff involved in the transition process will be part of a meeting every week. This is very important because they are going to feel that they are part of the process and at the same time they are going to express themselves. At the same time we are going to have a suggestion box were people can put their doubts, enquiries or opinions of the transition process. The good aspect of this is that they don’t need to put their names on the papers so they will express themselves openly. To conclude, we are going to have fun activities every week to reduce the levels of stress. This activities could be games or even have a beer at a pub all together.

Ask Penny to explain her response to each of the concerns that you (Dave) identified (as per the case study).
Dave was concerned about two different things: 1- The amount of money spent on the typing speed exam 2- Software that organizes all the accounts’

On the first topic we are going to look for another supplier that offers us the same service with the same price or even better. To is because we want to reduce dependency on this supplier. Meanwhile we are going to analyzed if we can start doing this exam by ourselves.
MYOB will be the solution for our accounting problems.…...

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