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Octavian and the Formation of the Principate
The principate refers to the first period of the Roman Empire. During this period, emperors tried to give an illusion of a functioning republic when in fact they had full powers. The emperors slowly but gradually destroyed all the republican values. It was however a happier period than the roman republic. Augustus originally called Caius Octavius ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD. His talents gained him the regard of his great uncle, Julius Caesar, who declared himself willing to adopt him for his son, in case he should remain without children. His fidelity in carrying out the generous provisions of Caesar's will and his tactful course also played a key role in his rise to power.
Augustus preserved the façade of republic institutions while functioning as a monarch because he wanted to assure the roman aristocracy of the return of normalcy of the republican procedure in rule.
During this principate, Augustus adopted a conciliatory attitude with the senate and invested dignity and power in them to help him rule the provinces of the empire. The local conditions of the provinces were also improved during this period. Grants of money were given to various towns in Asia and the country was opened up when roads were built. Natural and secure frontiers were also established during this principate. Octavius also checked extravagance by enacting sanctuary laws which limited the amount to be spent on dinner, on ordinary days and on festivals. Augustus' reign was also rich in literature with authors that are known to this day including poets such Vergil, Ovid and Horace and historians such as Livy.
It was thus important to have someone from his line take over as an emperor so as to follow in the footsteps of what had already been started by Octavius. This is what precisely happened as Tiberius, Augustus’ step son took over from him as the…...

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