Models for Estimation of Isometric Wrist Joint Torques Using Surface Electromyography

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Name: Degree: Title of Thesis: Amirreza Ziai M.A.Sc Models for estimation of isometric wrist joint torques using surface electromyography

Examining Committee: Chair: Parvaneh Saeedi, P.Eng Assistant Professor – School of Engineering Science

______________________________________ Dr. Carlo Menon, P.Eng Senior Supervisor Assistant Professor – School of Engineering Science ______________________________________ Dr. Shahram Payandeh, P.Eng Supervisor Professor – School of Engineering Science ______________________________________ Dr. Bozena Kaminska, P.Eng Examiner Professor – School of Engineering Science Date Defended/Approved: _________September 2, 2011 ______________


With an aging population, facilitation of an independent lifestyle for the elderly and those with neuromuscular conditions is a prominent field of research. Different robotic prototypes have been proposed in order to aid patients and seniors regain their autonomy by augmenting forces exerted by the device wearer. Some of these prototypes are controlled in force by processing surface electromyography (SEMG)…...

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