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Mobile Licensing Policy

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3G Mobile Licensing Policy:

From GSM To IMT-2000 -

A Comparative Analysis


1 Introduction 6

1.1 The Generations of Mobile Networks 7

2 A Look Back at GSM 10

2.1 GSM Technology 10

2.2 The History of GSM 11

2.2.1 Conference Des Administrations Europeans des Posts et Telecommunications (CEPT) 12

2.2.2 The European Commission and the Memorandum of Understanding 13

2.2.3 European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) 14

2.2.4 The “Frequency Band” Obstacle Course 14

2.2.5 The Conclusion of the Interstate Bargain 15

2.2.6 The Launch 15

2.2.7 The United States and the FCC 16

2.3 The GSM Market 16

2.3.1 The GSM Success Story 16

2.3.2 Future Market Development 17

2.4 Licensing GSM 18

2.4.1 GSM Radio Spectrum 19

3 A Look Ahead at IMT-2000 19

3.1 From GSM to IMT-2000 19

3.1.1 HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit Switched Data) 22

3.1.2 GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) 22

3.1.3 EDGE, Enhanced Data GSM Environment 23

3.2 IMT-2000 Technology 25

3.3 The History of IMT-2000 25

3.4 Laying the Groundwork for 3G Success 27

3.4.1 Addressing the Need for 3G Spectrum Expansion 27

3.5 The 3G Market 28

3.6 3G Licensing Policies 32

3.6.1 The European Experience 33

3.6.2 The American Experience 35

3.6.3 The Asia-Pacific Experience 37

4 Comparing and Contrasting the Development of GSM and the Road to IMT-2000 37

4.1 Lessons from GSM that Apply to 3G 38

4.1.1 The Shifting Dynamic of Major Players 38

4.1.2 The Critical Role of Equipment Manufacturing 39

4.1.3 Learning from the Numbers 41

4.1.4 Timeline for Deployment 42

4.2 Lessons from GSM that Don’t Apply to 3G 43

4.2.1 A Harmonized Approach to License Allocation 43

4.2.2 The Underlying Philosophy of the…...

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