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What Makes for Successful Mobile Creative?
Paul Edwards Millward Brown Asia Dynamic Logic, August 2011

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What Makes for Successful Mobile Creative? Paul Edwards Millward Brown Asia Dynamic Logic, August 2011

What Makes for Successful Mobile Creative?
Paul Edwards Dynamic Logic What makes for successful mobile creative? Should advertisers and agencies seeking to advertise on mobile devices simply adopt the same creative approach they use for their online campaigns? Dynamic Logic has repeatedly demonstrated that creative quality is an important factor in the success of an online advertising campaign.1 But while many of the best practices for online creative hold true for mobile creative, the most successful mobile campaigns include additional important creative elements. Based on data from Dynamic Logic's MarketNorms, a leading digital ad effectiveness database made up of 6,000-plus online and 110-plus mobile campaigns, the research included in this report identifies several creative elements that advertisers and agencies can adopt to maximize the creative impact of their mobile campaigns. These elements are not intended to be a foolproof recipe for success – other factors such as targeting, technical execution, flight size and length, etc., also need to be in place to generate high performance. But we have found that the following creative elements and their underlying principles are associated with high performance in important branding measures such as ad awareness and purchase intent across campaigns from multiple industries. The Added Impact of Mobile Ads While mobile advertising is still in its infancy when compared to online campaigns, it has proven to be a very successful method for impacting the viewer. Dynamic Logic's mobile norms show that on average, mobile campaigns greatly outperform…...

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