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Market Research Project
Module: Market Research - MG2902
Course: BComm2
Lecturer: Mike Murphy
Title of Project: Michael Kors

Executive Summary
The object of this report was to find out why Michael Kors as a brand has lost its exclusivity and no longer has the competitive edge over that of its competitors.

The market research undertaken draws attention to a number of key findings.



Michael Kors has taken the Irish market by storm. However within the recent year sales have dropped from previous years. In this report, we as a team will establish the cause for the fall and why it no longer has the same appeal it had to its previous customers.
This report will examine the various competitors Michael Kors has to face with similar price ranges and products. We will do this through secondary and primary research; utilizing such tools as the internet and various articles and books. We will gather feedback from consumers through means of quantitative and qualitative research; such as surveys, focus groups and interviews.
Marketing techniques such as word association will be imperative to our research. Once collected, we will analyze our information and identify the key factors which have led to the loss in exclusivity of Michael Kors as a brand.

Our team consists of four members: Muireann Barry, Laura Dunphy, Diarmuid Cleary and Eimhin Courtney. Together we as a team chose this brand and worked together to produce this report.

Research Question: How can Michael Kors regain its exclusivity as a Fashion Brand?
Company Profile: Michael Kors is a global luxury lifestyle brand with a jet-set austenitic that combines elements of style, elegance and sport. The company was established in 1981 and is led by Michael Kors, a prominent fashion designer based in New York City.

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