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Miami School District Negotiation paper
Mike Austin
MGT 445- Organizational Negotiations
August 8, 2011
Carlos Campos

Miami School District Negotiation paper
The Miami school district had an unexpected increase in the school’s enrollment. With the enlarged enrollment, the district, forced to look at the upcoming school year and the boundaries of the school district. The Miami school district will work with experts to redraw the boundaries of the school district to help reduce the size of the school enrolment. Therefore, with the boundaries redrawn some students will attend the upcoming school year at a different school. The parents, of the students attending Miami schools are upset and protesting the school districts new plan to change the boundaries of the district. In order for the school board to move forward the district needs to hold a public meeting explain the need for the change in the districts bounders and explain to the parents what the outcome is if the boundaries are not changed before the upcoming school year. In the paper, the paper will cover the concerns of the parents and the ways the Miami school district or board plans to deal with the parents concerns.
Quality of education The parents of the students attending Miami school districts are concerned about the type of education his or her child will receive with the district’s new plan in place in the upcoming school year. One of the biggest concerns for the parents is that the students have attended the same school for many years and now he-she forced to leave what he-she knows, and move to a different school. For some students the change is minor, however, for a high school student or senior ready to graduate the change is devastating to the learning process and the student will not graduate with his or her. The students are not the only ones affected by the change because now…...

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