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Mgt 315 Work Analysis

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Work Analysis Project
MGT 315 – Selection and Compensation in Organizations
MW 2-3:15
Tonia Bridges
April 1, 2013

1. Organization Descriptions
United States Postal Service was founded in 1775, where Benjamin Franklin was named the first Postmaster General. The Postal Service is an independent government agency and one of the few that is authorized by the United States Constitution. In 1785 Congress authorized the contracting of stagecoaches to carry mail on heavily traveled routes. In 1788 the Constitution was ratified to give Congress the Power to establish Post Offices and Post roads.” The Act of September 1789 continued the Post Office and put the Postmaster General under the direction of the President. President Washington appointed Samuel Osgood as the first Postmaster General under the Constitution on September 26, 1789. The Act of 1784 continued the Post Office indefinitely.

The purpose of the Postal Service is to give every person efficient, and affordable mail service. The USPS has over 574,000 employees throughout the United States and operates one of the biggest fleets in the world with 260,000 vehicles. The Postal Service is not a franchise; however they do have Contract Postal Units that are operated by non-postal employees. Most CPU’s offer box rentals and retail services, such as stamp purchases. You can also mail your packages and mail pieces at these locations as well.

2. Job Title
Labor Relations Specialist

3. Job Description
Labor Relations Specialist in the US Postal Service resolve complex district-wide labor relations and equal employment opportunity (EEO) problems affecting arbitration, grievances, contract administration and labor relations practices and procedures. Analyzes complex labor relations problems associated with local implementation, negotiations, and contract administration; develops data and supporting…...

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