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The Affirmative Action to limit discrimination against all protected class did not increase available jobs for minorities but did them equal opportunity for employment. No longer would businesses and universities be required to adhere to affirmative action guidelines that mandated minority representation in the workforce or student body. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited companies from making racial decisions to not hire those of a different creed, gender, or ethical back ground.

In order for companies to meet compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity laws, it must embrace affirmative action. The idea of affirmative action is to give support and assistance to those belonging to minority groups, in order to provide for a better future. In order to avoid complaints, threats of lawsuits, and negative public attitude this company must be ever vigilant in its efforts to avoid any type of discrimination. In the past, discrimination and obvious prejudice was practiced by many companies, but it is no longer acceptable in the United States. We are now a country with legislation providing for equal pay and equal job opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, color, age or national origin.

Affirmative action means taking positive steps to increase the diversity of the company’s employees. This diversity will benefit society as a whole. People from different cultures, genders, and backgrounds will bring complementary skills that will enrich the workplace. Diversity is desirable, but will not always occur if left to chance. It has to be created by the combined effort of similar affirmative action policies. Part of the education process is learning to interact with people of other genders, races, and nationalities. This interaction helps enrich the lives of all concerned. In diverse setting employees learn from one another and this fosters…...

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