Mexican Drug Cartels

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Mexican Drug Syndicates
Week Four Assignment – Research Paper
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All over the southwest U.S there have been drug cartels which smuggle drugs and weapons from country to country illegally. More recently within the past few years Mexican and U.S. authorities have uncovered multiple tunnels from Mexico to the U.S. which link the two together. The tunnels are used to transport and smuggle these items from Mexico into the U.S. where cartel leaders and generals distribute them to their gangs throughout the country. Also contributing to the issue along our over 2,000 mile long border with Mexico between the United States and Mexico there are well over 7,000 gun dealers on the U.S. side. As we see the drugs moving north, most of the guns are heading south. The most serious issues in my opinion with the cartels are that innocent people are being killed every day due to the violence and greed of money.

Mexican Drug Syndicate’s
There are currenlty so many problems that currenlty affect Central American nation and Mexico in particullar. The mot significant and sever issues is drug trafficting and production. These problems have always been around but have most recently reached a head within the last 10 years. There are many factors that contribute to these problems. Throughtout the world there is a stigma that these are…...

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...between US and Mexican waters by a drug cartel, Just after this incident a Mexican investigator who was searching for this man’s body was found beheaded and was delivered to the Mexican military in a suitcase. These are just a few of the known violent acts carried out by drug cartels recently. The Mexican drug war has been going on since 2006 but recently has been given more publicity. What is the history behind the drug war, the drug cartels, and what is the US is doing to protect its citizens from this war. It is important as Americans that we understand what is taking place so close to home and that can one day affect us directly. According to Lee and History Guy Media the Mexican Drug War is an armed conflict between drug cartels and the Mexican Government. A drug cartel is defined as an illicit cartel formed to control the production and distribution of narcotic drugs. The mexican govt has attempted to crack down on different drug organizations by arresting leaders in the drug trade. In the CRS report for congress it states that Mexico is one of the highest producers and smugglers of cocaine, marijuana, and heroine due to its location geographically. Annually they make between 13 to 48 billion dollars from the US drug market. Violence is increasing as years go by with 8,500 lives taken this year alone which brings the total to nearly 30,000 lives since the beginning of the war. There are many known drug cartels in Mexico today. According to the Mexican Government......

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