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Methods of Analysis S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths - Competitive Prices of Its Products. - Steady Growth in Its Market. - the Company's Reputation Had Been Built on Its Fast Service; It Frequently Supplied Paint to

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iv. S.W.O.T Analysis of Inner City Corporation

- Competitive prices of its products.
- Steady growth in its market.
- The company's reputation had been built on its fast service; it frequently supplied paint to contractors within 24 hours.

- Customers view Inner City as a company that negotiates on price and payment out of desperation.
- His plant manager's only experience has been that of a painter.
- Operating without management controls or financial controls.
- Inability to pay suppliers on time
- Poor condition of facilities
- All records are processed manually
- Inventory records are not kept.
- Lack of proper delegation of authority. Employees take turns making paint and driving the delivery trucks.
- Unskilled employees.

- Considering a purchase of a computer to organize the business and reduce needless paperwork.
- Consultants who are able to quickly spot problems in business.
- The production of color paints

- The slowdown in the housing market combined with the slowdown in the overall economy caused financial difficulty for the company.
- Walsh manages the corporation today in much the same way that he did when the business began.
- Walsh lacked on giving trust to other people.
- Rumors abound that the company is in difficult financial straits, that it is unable to pay suppliers, and it owes a considerable sum for payment on back taxes.
- Paint contractors are hesitant to give larger orders. Larger orders usually go to larger companies that have demonstrated their reliability and solvency.
- No audit has been performed. This could lead to penalty by the Internal Revenue Service…...

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