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Meru Cabs Kind of Analysis

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Relying on MERUServing Customers Anywhere, Anytime
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Relying on MERU- Serving Customers Anywhere, Anytime
On a cool Tuesday morning of November 13, 2011, the atmosphere inside the “Meru Cabs” office in Vishakhapatnam was the one of panic. Mr Rajiv Mishra, the franchise owner of Meru Cabs in Vishakhapatnam, was looking at the preliminary reports of 3rd quarter of 2011 which was also the first quarter of their operations in Vishakhapatnam. The results were not really encouraging. The profits were not as per their budget forecasts. Further, the decision of Meru Cabs’ entry in Tier II and Tier III cities would be based on the performance of their Vishakhapatnam operations. Sitting opposite Mr Rajiv, was Mr Ramesh Chandra, Engagement Manager of a well-known consulting company. Mr Rajiv had sought external help to analyse the problem, and this was the third day of their meeting. Mr Ramesh and his team had already performed some analysis and they had narrowed down the problem to that of efficient assignment. Today’s meeting was arranged so that Mr Rajiv can be apprised of the situation and the next steps could be discussed. All along, Mr Rajiv had been thinking that it was the problem of excess cabs and too few customers, which clearly was not the case. Both men agreed to the fact that Effective assignment was the missing piece in the puzzle and that, they need to come up with a software application which would facilitate that, and they were thinking about an effective way which would help them start tackling the problem.

Meru Cabs - Background
Meru Cabs was one of the first companies to launch metered "Radio cabs"…...

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