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Merging Data

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Merging Resources and Analyzing Data
Domestic and Global Intelligence for Security Management

Merging Resources and Analyzing Data
It is essential for any organization to have effective utilization of all of its resources In order to do so, an organization must have sound policies and procedures in place. In regards to homeland security these procedures are led by multiple law enforcement partnerships. Bringing uniformity to multiple organizations to collectively analyze data is certainly a challenge. Many Federal, State, and local agencies have been providing good intelligence products, still there are areas that require improvement. These areas potentially hinder the gathering and sharing of intelligence. Legal, procedural and cultural barriers add up to what the 9/11 Commission refers to as the “human or systemic resistance to sharing information” (Kean et al., 2004). Combining local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to work together in order to protect and deter against potential threats is the mission for Homeland Security. When analyzing the multiple areas of law enforcement, they must be looked at both individually and nationally. By doing so, we are able to design the state and local roles while maintaining our homeland security’s overall mission. It’s important for the flow or information or intelligence be passed along both smoothly and accurately. Ultimately, the collection and analysis of all information will help increase our ability to prevent and deter potential terroristic threats.
Four Steps in Gathering and Analyzing Information
There are several factors that play a role in the merging of resources and collection of intelligence. A few are: * To seek reported and unreported data * Validate Authenticity * Know your capabilities * Avoid being one-dimensional
Aggressively seeking new information and/or tracking…...

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