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To: Mr. Bloomflower
From: Broker
Date: October 1, 2015
Subject: Evaluation of iPad Air 2

Over the course of the past week, several employees have brought to my attention that it has become difficult to accomplish work-related tasks. Through this memo I want to propose the benefits of supplying our employees with the iPad Air 2 so that the company can come to a conclusion about what would be the best investment for HOPE Mortgage Corporation.

While in the workforce, employees need to have access to vital resources at their fingertips. Daily obligations consist of working outside of the office to visit clients, show properties, or obtain signatures on required documents. The iPad Air 2 can effortlessly adapt to the working environment because it can carry out multiple tasks or projects.

There are many reasons why the iPad Air 2 is an appropriate tablet for our company. First, it weighs 437 grams, which is less than a pound and does not impose a burden to be carried around. As opposed to the Nexus 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, it contains a 9.7-inch retina display, ensuring clarity when navigating the web, emails or documents.

The iPad Air 2 provides features that can help integrate and improve the workforce. This iPad model comes with 8 megapixels offering our employees with exceptional photos or videos of houses to better serve our customers. Even more, with the help of Siri this device has the ability to set reminders on upcoming meetings and due dates. With this in mind, Siri can be used as a worker’s own personal assistant. Siri is a feature that is available only for Apple products; therefore it is not included in the Nexus 9 and in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Apple designed the iPad Air 2 in a way to make sure that it has everything a user needs to get their work done. The battery of this iPad is said to last up to ten hours surfing the web on…...

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