Media Rules Recommendation

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Media Rules Recommendations

Media Rules Recommendations
Children use the digital media in a different way from the adults. Understanding what your child does online is important because the parent can advise them in making sensible choices about media use. The parents have to know media has integrated into the normal life of adolescents. The adolescent uses the media for various reasons,example, learning, communication, and entertainment among others. Teenagers are early adopters of new technologies and devices.Also, they are creators of digital contents that their way in the media. Some of the teens play a role in uploading most of the videos on youtube. The media plays an important part in the lives of the adolescent.The media enables the teens to learn different communication skills, be creative and get peer support (Spengler, Mess&Woll, 2015). However, statistics indicate that a good number of the youths do not use the media in a productive way. This paper discusses the need for the parents to control their teens’ media use.The media if full of sexual content, the abuse of drugs and violent content, which can be harmful to an adolescent.
Although the sexual content in the press is detrimental for any age group, the adolescents are the most vulnerable. Researchers have written about the prevalence of the sexual content in the media and the effect it has to the audience. The adolescents are susceptible because they are at a developmental period when sexual behaviors, sexual attitudes, and gender roles are developing(Walther, Hanewinkel& Morgenstern, 2014).Analyses of broadcast media show that an average adolescent views 143 incidences of sexual behavior weekly.Also, almost 80% of the movies these young children are watching are full of sexual content. The type of music videos they watch has around 60 percent portray of sexual impulses…...

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