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Mcdonald Operation Strategic Analysis

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Operation strategy and management course work
McDonald’s management report

March 10, 2015 student number: 100086944
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March 10, 2015 student number: 100086944
Words: 2631

Contents 1. Abstract 2 2. Introduction 3 3. Background information: 4 4. McDonald’s operation strategy: 5 5. Supply network: 5 6. Operation management: 7 7. Theory and practise: 10 8. Wastes and solutions: 13 9. Conclusion: 15 10. Reference list 16

1. Abstract
McDonald’s is the largest chain of global foodservice retailer, their global operation strategy calls “plan to win” which means focus on improving existing food and service rather than overextension. Therefore, there are 3 factors need be concerned: supply chain management, operation management and potential waste of operation. Firstly, the objectives of supply chain management are that: control the quality of suppliers, ensure the logistic work efficiently, and monitor the information flow between each process, hence to make customers satisfied with our food. Secondly, we analyse the process of producing a Big Mac meal, then we found that, due to the high volume of production and low variation in demand, McDonald’s order qualifying factors are low price and quick service. Moreover, to attract more customers, the order winning factors are better quality with valued price of food and higher flexibility of choice. And managers also need to ensure all staff receive specific skill training, especially those work in high visible sector, like casher and French fries station. Finally, avoiding potential waste is also important to improving operation results. In this case, we main focus on Muda of overproduction, inventory and waiting. And we provide some suggestion to help manager estimate waste, such as giving accurate sale predict to suppliers,…...

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