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Strategy Recommendation for Barnes & Noble
Strategy Recommendation Paper
Capella University

Today the power of the Internet and social media as it pertains to companies is immense. A great strategy to harness the power of both can be the difference between one company’s failure and another’s success. The following essay will first begin by giving a brief introduction and history on Barnes & Noble, Incorporated. Second, existing technologies that exist that management should consider with regard to the Internet and social media will be discussed. Third, an in depth look into how Barnes & Noble is currently utilizing the Internet and social media will be shown, as well as, how their competitors in the same industry are using these tools. Fourth, a SWOT analysis for Barnes & Noble using the Internet and social media will be discussed. Also, the implications discovered in the analysis and how they will affect the future of the business will be explained. Fifth, the ethical impacts that come with the use of these tools will be examined and how they may impact the future of the company. Sixth, an assessment of the use of the Internet and social media will be given as they pertain to the global environment and demographics. Finally, a thoughtful business strategy will be given along with recommendations that Barnes & Noble should consider in moving forward with their Internet and social media use.
Barnes & Noble Background
While attending New York University in the 1960s, Leonard Riggio saw an opportunity to better serve students while working at the school’s bookstore. He decided to open a store in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in 1965 called Student Book Exchange (SBX). The store gained quick popularity and was known for its selection, service and knowledgeable staff. In a decade, the store…...

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